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Not all wood from a sawmill is useful as timber, but none of our wood goes to landfill. All the waste wood and any logs that are too small to turn into timber is sold in small bags similar to garden waste bags for prices see below.


And remember, by burning wood sustainably produced, you are avoiding using fossil fuels. Carbon is of course released by the burning process, but is absorbed again by the new trees growing in the forests where your wood came from, so it is a fully balanced cycle.



A beautiful managed wood from which BTS in December 2008 purchased a substantial amount of oak. This particular Herefordshire wood is sustainably managed by the Duchy of Cornwall and is FSC certified.


TAKEAWAY FIREWOOD Anyone with a car can pick up themselves. Each small bag is 17 for hardwood or 13 for softwood. You can get one in the boot of most cars and (depending on how wide the doors open) two on the back seat of a four door car. We will help you load them in your car, but do make sure you can get them out when you get home (40kg per bag).


As well as the cost of the firewood as above, we charge 1.25 deposit per bag (refundable when the bags are returned).


Our firewood is sometimes split logs and sometimes sawmill offcuts, but it is always the same quality decent size pieces dried to around 20% moisture. We air dry the logs for six months or so, then finish them off in the kiln. Each piece will be no more than 250mm (10 inches) long.


The picture below shows what our small bags look like. This is my wife (Helen) lifting one of our small bags. Helen is quite strong, but most fairly fit people can lift them single-handed. Or two people can lift a bag by grabbing a loop each and carrying it between them. To carry bags any distance (even round the back of a house) we recommend a two-person lift (around 35 to 40 kilos per bag)