Why use local woods from BTS?


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There is a very strong ethical and environmental case for each country to sustainably use the local timbers they have available to them. Britain grows fantastic quality hardwoods especially the mighty oak.


So buy local wood and invest in the future management of some of our most beautiful unspoilt wooded areas. One of the forests that BTS sources its wood from is the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. This is one of the largest areas of old oak woodland in the UK, and is a beautiful and biologically rich and diverse area. This is thanks in part to hundreds of years of responsible forest management driven by the demand for the beautiful oak timber produced.


BTS have recently started purchasing some oak from France, (who have a far, far better record of managing their natural woodland than the UK) but all our other woods are British grown, many from within the local counties or even the very estate where we are based.


If you wish to know the exact source of any timber you purchase from us we will be pleased to tell you.


Bluebells under an oak.